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Gedichte, Gedichte, Gedichte






On 1st July 2020, a laywer together with at least 1 person familiar to Dr. Peter Buser will appear on Telebuser with a ballot box. For persons who have sent the  form, the laywer will make a ballot paper and throw it into the ballot box. Then a person will take out one of the ballots and read the name. This winner will get a payment of 5'000 CHF from Dr. Peter Buser to his bank account.

Both the laywer and Dr. Buser promit solemnly that they will be loyal and honest in this competition in any respect. Legal action is excluded. No correspondence will be made regarding this competition.


R.M. aus D....l

S.L. aus O...f

R.S. aus Z...h

P.C. aus 'Venator'

Vergangene Auslosungen:


Telebuser will periodically talk about people who have special merits or who would better not exist at all. Critizised people will be mentioned with their home adresses. These people will be advised by E-Mail 2 weeks in advance so that they can position themselves.

Will be critizised only people who have an official function or who sell their workforce or articles to the public.

Gute Menschen

- Vera Weber, Umweltaktivistin (previewed)

- Gerhard Traber, Mainz, "Arzt der Armen"

- Urban Federer, Abt des Klosters Einsiedeln

- Hans Weiss, Landschaftsschützer

Schlechte Menschen

- Klaus Koschmann, Staatsanwalt, Solothurn
- Stefan Howald, Schweizer Journalist WOZ
- Marc Iseli, Schweizer Journalist Ringier

- Bernhard Madörin, Jurist, Buchautor, Basel

- Robert Fuchsgruber, Vorstand Bank DAB Parisbas, Landsberger Strasse 300, D-80687 München